What We Do
TMP Riedel provides a broad range of services that are designed to improve our clients’ investment performance and to accelerate expansion or growth in their businesses. We draw upon our partners’ experience in capital markets transactions, direct investments, operations and research to offer the highest quality services to our clients.

Additionally, through the Riedel Research Group, we have access to valuable macro data in emerging markets, including consumer sentiment information. We also have an expert network of more than 37,000 professionals in various industries in emerging markets worldwide. The Riedel Research Group also has a dedicated team of 31 analysts in 15 countries around the world.
We raise debt and equity financing for companies with a minimum of
$10 mm for debt and $5 mm for equity transactions.
We advise on the IPO process in the U.S., including meeting
exchange listing requirements, exchange selection, lead manager
selection, pricing structures, marketing and positioning.
We provide expert and proprietary valuations of companies for estate
planning or strategic partner transactions and cross-border or local
emerging market acquisitions of either public or privately held firms.
Capital markets and securities related activities that require a regulated and licensed entity under FINRA will be executed through PGP Capital Advisors and/or Objective Equity. TMP Riedel Advisors and its affiliates are independent and unaffiliated with PGP Capital. Those services offered by certain TMP Riedel Advisors associated persons, and regulated under FINRA, are done so in their capacities as registered representatives of PGP Capital and/or Objective Equity.
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